Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Midas Touch! - Hands of wonders.

In the Greek Legends a king once lived by the name of Midas. He was only a boy when he took over the Roman empire, Midas is recorded even in the bible as a king who existed. The myth of Midas tell of a time were a drunken man came to his kingdom. Midas treated the man with hospitality and due care. When the man was sober he thanked Midas and granted to give him all he wishes- according to Plato the student of Aristrotle- Midas wished that everything he touche should turn into gold. His wish was then given to him. He would touch everything and it would turn to gold. It came to pass that he died of hunger because his food turned to gold.He even turned his daughter to gold while trying to embrace her. He cursed the gift which he had.

 I learnt the story in a business ethics class yet the importance of it is not its demise. When we say you have Midas touch it means all you get your hands on prospers. Many of us were born with that gift yet so many of us have to take it out of their inner being. Determination and confidence in your own strengths will pilot you towards your midas touch. Your touch might be painting, maybe when you touch the brush you become a Michael Angelo; you shame the Monalisa. Your touch might be singing, maybe your voice has that Gold selling ability like Zahara. It all begins when you discover your true ability, and when you build on those strengths they will come easy for you than someone else. For example I can speak to millions of people and the more they increase the more I can give; someone who is doing it to compete will definately fail, that is my touch. I may not sing a symphony like beethouven, nor can I paint like Rambrandt but I sure do know how to minister. Find your touch like Midas and all you do won't be forced but will be easier for you. Have you ever had a friend who does summersaults? when they backflip it looks so easy for them but it might break your neck. They found their touch of gold and its not your environment. Don't force to be what you not, rather develop that strength first and then it will work for you.

A girl I mentor once never knew her gift. It was a crusade in our own town. A lady had blocked lungs and a disfunctional hand. The hand couldn't move. She was prayed for alot by other people. I prayed for her with the girl I mentor. She stretched out her arm and her lungs were opened up. She began to cry praising God. You see Midas touch is turning gutter to gold, Jesus touch turns everything to blessing. Don't neglet your belief in Jesus and seek knowledge, dare to be different. Many people enjoy being the same, they get the same results. Have a touch of gold in every area were you function. Remember also that Midas mistakenly changed her daughter to gold. Learn to balance your work with relationships. Midas was a goldmaker in the palace, he wanted to be that at home too. Its Ironic that the wealthiest king died of hunger. Its possible to have a lot of money and end up poor. Money is not wealth its an illusion that I explain in the next post. So if you a CEO at wortk be a father at home, don't sit on your high horse because you might turn the greatest people you have into gold. Thank you. If you want me to extend the topic please tell me.

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